My name is Wojtek Kubiak.

In Poland I've been playing anti-addiction, anti-drugs, anti-alcohol concerts for the last six years.

I perform such concerts in prisons, schools, young offenders institutions and for the military.

My current program is entitled „Knocking on Heaven’s door”. I perform songs written by artists, that died of drugs overdose, alcohol etc.

Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix (alcohol), Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain (heroin), Nat King Cole (cigarettes), Freddie Mercury (Aids), Amy Winehouse (alcohol & drugs)… this is a never ending story. The entire concert is a warning – even fame and money don’t make anybody immortal, and very often may bring one to death.

I also play my own songs, that I’ve written not only during my years as a performer on a “big stage”, but also during my years of busking all over Europe. My songs are written in English, and many native speakers appreciated their message very much.