Well, my English is good enough, and I have

huge experience in talking to prisoners, and performing for them. I also got the certificate to run this kind of activities given to me by the Police. I know what message should I deliver, how much my concert should be a pro-life act, and how much an entertaining act. Now I want to bring my experience (and myself) to prisons in other countries than Poland.

I live in Poland with no intention to move abroad for good. But organizing a Concert Tour (just like

I do it in my own country) looks to me like a very good idea. I obviously speak Polish (and a bit of Russian) so I am able to reach Polish and Russian prisoners as well.

Beside my Anti-Addiction concerts, I am quite

a successful musician on a regular music scene. Together with my band Chocolate Spoon

I supported Sir Bob Geldof during his Polish tour and was the star of the cult Jarocin rock festival

and released three CD's. Chocolate Spoon also has very many club gigs to its name.

More info: www.wojtekkubiak.com